ISAarchitectural™ is a key resource of information regarding your building's envelope.  We have a complete understanding of The Rainscreen Principle, and represent a selection of key manufacturers with products that are essential to a successful rainscreen installation.

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  1. Cladding Material
  2. Furring & Fastening (system dependent)
  3. Furring & Fastening (system dependent)
  4. Furring & Fastening (system dependent)
  5. Furring & Fastening (system dependent)
  6. Thermally-Broken CI Girt
  7. Continuous Insulation (Blanket)
  8. Air Barrier System
  9. Sheathing
  10. Stud

​​Composite (FRP) GreenGirt Systems

Dewpoint Analysis | NFPA Compliant

All Insulation Types

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