About Pyrok™ Inc.

​Through creative designs with performance, Pyrok Inc. is the industry leader in providing the highest quality seamless and durable sound absorbing wall and ceiling treatments for architectural design.  Choose either the StarSilent Acoustical Panel, Acoustement Plaster and Portland Cement, or Vogl Perforated Gypsum Board.

  • StarSilent | No Gypsum Board Substrate​
  • ​StarSilent | Smooth & Seamless | Two Finish Options
  • Acoustement | Acoustical Plaster, Gypsum
  • ​Acoustement | Acoustical Portland Cement
  • Vogl | Perforated Gypsum Board
  • ​Vogl | Dozens of Perforated Patterns
  • Environmentally & Installer Friendly
  • On-Site Installation and Technical Support

About ALPRO® Acoustical Ceiling Systems by Gordon Inc.

ALPRO® Acoustical Systems sets the standard for effective noise reduction solutions that are attractive, economical, and suitable for any environment.  ALPRO's comprehensive line of products are manufactured from perforated metals that are formed, assembled, and finished to create systems of high performance with premium aesthetics.

  • Custom Perforated Ceiling Designs
  • ​Perforated Lay-In or Face Attached Panels
  • AVIAR® Corrugated Metal Acoustical Ceilings
  • Perforated Baffles
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Engineered | Shop Drawn | Fabricated
  • Sustainable   

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